Retrospective birth dating of cells in humans Free sex webcam chat osterreich

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Retrospective birth dating of cells in humans

By measuring the amount of C left in the dead organism permits to calculate how long ago it died.

Understanding the dynamics of adipocyte turnover may shed new light on potential treatments for obesity.Carlos Bustamante uses novel methods of single-molecule visualization to deepen our understanding of molecular biology.His laboratory is developing methods of single-molecule manipulation, such as optical tweezers, to characterize the elasticity of DNA, to induce the mechanical unfolding of individual protein molecules, and to investigate the machine-like behavior of molecular motors.Xiaowei Zhuang develops advanced imaging techniques, in particular single-molecule and superresolution imaging methods, to study problems of biomedical interest.Zhuang is most known for the development of the STORM superresolution microscopy technique.

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