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In the latest video released yesterday, men talk about feeling pulled in two different directions when it comes to dating: "When you're out there in the dating world, there's this sense that you need to be sorta 'the man,' and how do you balance that with being an understanding man in a relationship, having an equal partner, and being a good guy? The resulting conversation hits on many common issues in dating.For example, three issues they shared:"People don't want what they can have.Pay the bills — all the bills — together, regardless of who makes what paycheck. Acknowledge the issue and the stress that accompanies it. If life throws you a curve ball, you'll be there — with him and for him. Finding gray hairs, losing eyesight, or getting tired constantly, these insecurities are a combination of societal pressure, self-evaluation and a sense of nagging mortality.5. And the payoff with what you like will increase because he will know and he will want to.7. By sharing your similar issues, you can make it safe for him to be vulnerable.

Many like to joke about becoming cat ladies (or dog ladies) but behind their joking is a belief that they really are going to be alone. “I’m going to meet someone,”) is that, if you repeat it to yourself often enough, you’ll start to believe it’s really true.

As problem-solvers, men look for the fastest, most effective ways to work through issues, and many think the best way is to do that alone. His job is a very big deal to him, especially in these tough economic times. As they put their attention to it, other things suffer from a lack of attention — family, relationship, etc. Remind him that if he wants to see his grandkids' grandkids graduate, he needs to stay fit and get yearly checks. Male ego hinged on sexual prowess, virility and skills are surely part of the reason we have Viagra for sale via mail order but male birth control is (mostly) in the testing phase. Talk to him about what you like (bonus points if you say it in a breathy voice, horizontally sans clothing).

But, therein lies the main challenge for relationship dynamics: He wants to work through it alone and thus fails to communicate it, and his significant other knows something's wrong, but doesn't know what it is, and may assume it has something to do with her, even if it doesn't. Here are the top seven things men worry about: Stay active in the finances. What does he want for himself, and what does he need from you to make it happen? He's probably not doing it on purpose, but it leads to women ask why he doesn't care or put in any effort anymore. Whether it's a result of pure procrastination or the invasive tests/probes, many men hate the doctor — until it's something that cannot be avoided. Then, make it something you do together (OBGYN/pap smear, anyone? The more fun and "no biggie" you make things, the less likely he will be to get a bruised ego. If he's considering taking the plunge into fatherhood (or is already a father), most men worry about their ability to: fears about you (because women worry about motherhood, even if nurturing comes naturally for most) and ask him about his fears.

Meanwhile, his significant other can sense his worry, but may not be able to put her proverbial finger on the issue, which results in a disconnection and lack of understanding.

She might think he is being distant, cheating, uninterested or worse. He wants to know that he's "doing his job" in bed, but he doesn't want to know if he's not. If he's not doing it for you, don't tell him what he's doing wrong.

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Generalization caveat: Not all men are afraid of relationships, but many men are terrified of them.

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